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Your giving to Christ Clinic / Christ Kitchen matters. It makes a difference in the lives of thousands in our community. Take action, do something today!

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Your giving to Christ Clinic / Christ Kitchen saves lives. Over 65,000 have been blessed through Christ Clinic and more than 800 women have participated in Christ Kitchen's program.

As a giving partner with Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen you help break the cycle of poverty and bring hope, health and healing to our neighbors in need of God’s unfailing love. Christ Clinic / Christ Kitchen has been recognized for its business and operational excellence receiving the prestigious AGORA Award for Business Excellence in 2013. We value good stewardship and are striving to be debt-free.

*Online donations to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen are accepted through a secure & encrypted payment processor. Your security and privacy are extremely important to us. Christ Clinic / Christ Kitchen will not sell/share your contact/card information with anyone without your written consent. Please refer any questions to If you need to request a refund of a donation, please contact Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen as soon as possible to make the request, knowing that there may be circumstances that prevent such a refund from being made. Contact us by phone to (509) 325-0393 or in writing at PO Box 28236; Spokane, WA 99228.

Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Tax ID: 91-1435174

Donate today

Other ways to give


A gift to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen can be made on-line via credit/debit card or electronic check by clicking HERE or you can mail your gift to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, Development Department, P.O. Box 28236, Spokane, WA 99228.

Gifts “In Memory of” or “In Honor of”
A gift to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen in memory/in honor of a treasured family member or friend is an impactful way to honor a life. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the family in your name. Memorial/Honorary gifts, together with applicable information, should be sent to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, Development Department, P.O. Box 28236, Spokane, WA 99228.

United Way Contributions
Please designate Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, Inc. for your United Way of Spokane County donations. If you live in another United Way area, please ask if you can designate Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, Inc., 914 W. Carlisle Ave., Spokane WA 99205


Many companies will match the gifts of their employees, retirees, spouses or widow/widowers of retired employees, to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen. This is an effective way for you to double, and in some cases more than double the amount of your gift. Please contact the Human Resource Office of your company about their matching gift program.


Gifts of Stock
Appreciated stock makes a great gift. Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen receives the current value of the stock and you receive the benefit of a donation for that same amount. Additionally, all capital gains tax is avoided.

IRA Assets (Individual Retirements Account Assets)
Distributions can be made directly to Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen from your IRA; this can have significant tax advantages over taking distributions personally and then making a gift. Check with your advisor for specific tax law advantages relating to donations made directly from your IRA.

Gifts of Real Estate, Life Insurance, or other Assets
If you want to support the work of Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, many options are available. We are grateful for your support and prayers. For assistance and answers to your questions, call 509.939.3595.


A beneficiary designation in your will or other estate plan is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy. Typically, a percentage of the estate is given to one or more charitable organizations. An existing will can be modified with a codicil, which is very simple and inexpensive. Be sure to use the full name and city of charity’s location (e.g., Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen, Spokane, Washington).

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT’s) and Charitable Lead Trusts (CLT’s) can be effective ways to provide for family and charities you love.
For assistance and answers to your questions, Contact Juan Fernandez, Development Director at 509.939.3595 / or contact your advisor.