February 3, 2017

Christ Clinic closing

In our year-end letter, we outlined the challenges we face sustaining Christ Clinic as a stand-alone medical clinic in today’s health care environment. We noted the rapidly changing way health care is delivered; increased costs of providing care, competition to recruit medical providers and difficulty relying on volunteers. The Affordable Care Act has increased reimbursement for medical care but has also given patients other choices. We have experienced a decline in the number of patients seeking care at Christ Clinic.

These changes compelled us to ask whether our organization can sustain the operation of the Clinic. The Board of Directors, with input from the founding physicians, has been engaged in a prayerful process to discern the best way to proceed. The critical question is whether by attempting to sustain both Christ Clinic and Christ Kitchen we risk losing both. We believe you, our donors, are being as generous as you can and we take seriously the responsibility to be good stewards of your generosity. The Board has determined that focusing on Christ Kitchen is prudent stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

We have pursued affiliations with other health care providers, including faith-based organizations, to determine if one may be willing to assume responsibility for operating Christ Clinic. So far this endeavor has been unsuccessful. Our effort will continue but we cannot assume it will succeed, so to preserve resources necessary to transition patients to other providers, assist our employees and properly close the Clinic, the Board of Directors, with the support of the founders, has decided Christ Clinic will close on February 28, 2017.

We do not consider this a failure. In fact, we celebrate having met the needs of thousands of patients with no or limited health insurance over the past 25 years. Please celebrate with us having met this need. You have been a major reason for the success of Christ Clinic.

While the ministry of Christ Clinic is coming to a close, the ministry of Christ Kitchen continues and needs your ongoing support. Thank you again for your support of Christ Clinic and Christ Kitchen.

If you have questions, please contact us.


Roger F. Chase
Interim Executive Director

Scott Edminster, MD
Board Member & Founder
Christ Clinic/Christ Kitchen