Christ Clinic Closing

Christ Clinic will be closing its doors on February 28, 2017, after 25 years of successful ministry. Christ Kitchen remains open and we pray for a thriving ministry for many years to come. We do not consider this a failure. In fact, we celebrate having met the needs of thousands of patients with no or limited health insurance over the past 25 years. Please celebrate with us having met this need. You have been a major reason for the success of Christ Clinic.

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From our kitchen to yours.

Christ Kitchen’s delicious recipes are made from scratch from all natural ingredients. Stop by our storefront or visit our online store to enjoyy some of our famous creations!

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Work. Dignity.

Breaking the cycle of poverty
Christ Kitchen is not about hand-me-downs or temporary solutions. Through discipleship, job training and mentoring we seek to end the cycle of poverty in our local community!
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God is alive and well in the lives of our patients, women, volunteers, staff and ministry partners!

A Moment of Clarity

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Road to Recovery

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May 10, 2016

Phuong Thai’s Story

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Ready to make a difference in your community?

Our mission and our calling

HOPE for those in need of medical care and hope for those in need for a fresh start and a new future… in the name of Jesus Christ.

HEALTH for a community that needs lives transformed and restored… by the power of Jesus Christ.

HEALING for the broken and wounded, whether those wounds are physical, mental or spiritual… through the blood of Jesus Christ.



Patient visits per year

Lives impacted since 1991

Healing the body, healing the soul.

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Our services

Christ Clinic provides primary physical health services in addition to mental heath and counseling services to over 400 patients each month.

Thanks to our sliding patient fees and Medicare/Medicaid acceptance, every one of our low-income neighbors are welcome at Christ Clinic.


Hrs of job training/discipleship

Products Sold

Lives impacted since 1998

A place of hope for women in poverty.

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Our program

Christ Kitchen provides job training and discipleship to women who are seeking to break the cycle of poverty and destruction in their lives.

Through intentional training and mentoring, we seek to transform lives by the power of Jesus Christ.

Ways to give

When you support Christ Clinic / Christ Kitchen you are making a difference in our local community in the name of Jesus Christ!

Consider giving a monthly gift to multiply your impact twelve times!

Provides health services for 1 month for a patient at Christ Clinic or 1 week of Bible studies and discipleship for a woman at Christ Kitchen.


Provides health services for a 1 month for an adult and a child at Christ Clinic or 1 week of Life Skills training for a woman at Christ Kitchen.


Provides health services for a 1 month for a family of 3 at Christ Clinic or 1 week of our specialized job-training program for a woman at Christ Kitchen.


Provides health services for a 1 month for a family of 5 at Christ Clinic or 1 week our complete job-training and discipleship program for a woman at Christ Kitchen.



The care I have received has been phenomenal. I am a patient that has her own business and is unable to afford health care insurance. At Christ Clinic, I have received the kind of care that makes me feel as if I have insurance.

– Jenny